Horse Wonder Shampoo + Trivitaminol Oil, 500ml


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For shine and volume of exhausted hair.It regenerates and nourishes the hair, gives vitality and softness.

Action: Argan oil – powerful antioxidant .It penetrates very quickly in the hair and protects against dry and blooming edges, improves elasticity, transmits silk softness on the hair. Lemon oil –prevents hair splitting, has a powerful effect against dry and brittle hair.The keratin – penetrates deeply into the structure of the hair, nourishes it and fills the porous sections.

Types of animals for which the shampoo is intended - Dogs, horses.

For external use :in horses and dogs to pre-soaked coat, apply 2 times 10-15ml of the shampoo for about 1-3 minutes. The procedure is repeated after 15 days.

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