About us

Farma Vet Ltd – Shumen is a fast-growing pharmaceutical manufacturer. Producing more than 30 licensed products, which meets the good manufacturing practices. Farma Vet offers veterinary medicines, fodder, milk substitutes, biocides. The company is also a producer of more than 40 different types of sanitary hygienic preparations, registered with the Ministry of Health in Bulgaria.

In 2011 the Company started producing granulated pet foods and in 2017 – the construction of a modern production line for sterile injectable forms was initiated, , in line with the highest quality standards. Farma Vet Ltd operates on 4 production sites, a commercial warehouse and a well-developed transport and distribution network, ready to deliver anywhere in Bulgaria. We deliver with our own transport means, on weekly schedule for the individual regions, but if necessary, we also execute express orders, throughout the services of the national courier companies. Combining high quality, affordable prices and adhering to the principles of correctness and accuracy, Farma Vet Ltd aims at a valuable partnership with its clients.


ISO 50001:2011 BG

ISO 50001:2011 EN

Project № BG16RFOP002-3.001-0873-C01

Project № BG16RFOP002-3.001-0873-C02