Terms of use

I. Subject

Art. 1. These General Terms and Conditions, hereinafter referred to as the “General Terms and Conditions”, are intended to regulate the relationship between PHARMA VET Ltd., hereinafter referred to as “the Provider”, the owner of the e-shop: https://farmavet.bg, hereinafter referred to as “Online Shop”, and each of the Users / Customers of the E-Shop, hereinafter referred to as the “User” (s).

II. Supplier Details

Art. 2. Information about the Provider:
1. Name: PHARMA VET Ltd., UIC 127023580
2. Headquarters and address of management: Shumen, 40, Otets Paisiy str
3. Address for exercising the activity: Shumen, 66, Saedinenie Street, office 2
4. Correspondence data: Shumen, 66, Saedinenie Str., Office 2, tel .: +359 897 906 618; +359 897 906 612, e-mail: farma_vet@abv.bg
5. Entry in public registers: Commercial Register at the Registry Agency at the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Bulgaria.
6. Supervisory authorities:
(а) Commission for Protection of Personal Data of the Republic of Bulgaria, address: Sofia, 1592, “Prof. 2 Tsvetan Lazarov Str., Tel .: 02/915 35 18 fax: 02/915 35 25, E-mail: kzld@cpdp.bg, Internet site: www.cpdp.bg

(b) Commission for Consumer Protection, address: 1000 Sofia, 4A Slaveykov Square, fl. 3, 4 and 6, tel .: 02/980 25 24, fax: 02/988 42 18, hot line: 0700 111 22, Website: www.kzp.bg
(c) Commission for Protection of Competition, address: Sofia, 1000, 18 Vitosha Blvd., tel .: 02/935 62 22, fax: 02/980 73 15, e-mail: cpcadmin@cpc.bg, Internet site: www.cpc.bg

7. Registration under the Value Added Tax Act No BG 127023580.

III. General provisions

Art. 3. The e-shop operates under the rules described in the Terms of Service.
Art. 4. The Provider does not guarantee that the e-shop is functioning permanently, nor does it contain errors.
Art. 5. The Provider reserves the right to interrupt access to any part of or to the entire Online Shop without the user’s consent for an unlimited period of time, planned or incidental, without being liable for any damages that may have occurred to the User as a result of the suspension.
Art. 6. The Provider reserves the right to modify, without prior notice, the structure and / or contents of the E-shop.

IV. Features and Usage of the E-shop

Art. 7. The main features of the Services provided to the Users by the Provider through the Online Store, hereinafter referred to as “Services”, are the following:
(1) The Provider provides the opportunity to view and share the content posted to the e-shop. The Provider provides information about himself, his team, the services he provides, current offers, information articles, contacts, presentation of his clients and partners, and others.
(2) The Provider shall be able to generate a phone call via functional buttons in the Online Store.
(3) The Provider shall be able to generate electronic queries (e-mails) through functional inquiry forms within the e-shop. The user should complete the fields specified by the Provider and choose the Send button. When using this service, Users should also be aware of the fact that the use of this service does not automatically lead to the conclusion of a contract between the respective Beneficiary and the Provider, sending an email request does not create an obligation for the Provider to provide a particular service and does not place the Provider and the User in a contractual (bond) relationship. It is considered that the respective User, who has contacted the Provider by e-mail, has entered into a contract with the Provider to perform the given service only after receiving a confirmation in this connection from the Provider.
The Provider does not guarantee its ability to respond and the time it will be granted.
(4) The Provider shall be able to generate electronic queries through a User-User email used by functional links from the e-shop. For this purpose, the User has to choose a specific functional link of the e-shop (a place where the e-mail address of the Provider is displayed and can be clicked on) and the device used by him to open a new window for writing an email from an email client installed on the device.
The Provider does not guarantee its ability to respond and the time it will be granted.
(5) The Provider shall provide the User with the ability to refer (link) to the Provider’s Business Accounts in the social networks, profiles and websites of its partners, clients, and others. The Provider provides this facility in order to facilitate the Users by not being responsible for the content of the Profiles and Internet sites that are provided with the possibility of forwarding and which are not owned by and / or not operated by the Provider. These Terms and Conditions do not apply with respect to the profiles and pages to which the forwarding option is provided, unless otherwise stated.
(6) The Provider provides the opportunity to use a dynamic Google map integrated with the e-shop. Use of this service is in accordance with the applicable Google Maps and Google Earth terms of use available at https://www.google.com/intl/bg_bg/help/terms_maps.html .
(7) The Provider provides the opportunity to change the language of the content on the website by selecting functional buttons / icons indicating the respective languages at the top of the e-shop.
The Provider does not guarantee the ability to translate any content into the Online Store. In the event that, when choosing to change the language, the user page currently dealt with is not available in the selected language, the User will be forwarded to the e-shop homepage for the selected language.
(8) Provider provides the ability to search for text content within the e-shop. In order to use the feature, the User should display the search word / words he searches for in the search box and select the search key / key or Enter / Go key. The e-shop will produce a list of results with pages / products found in the e-shop and containing the word / words that the user searches for.
(9) The Provider shall provide the opportunity to post content, comment, review, opinion, evaluation by the User. By placing them in the respective designated sections, the User grants his / her consent to the Supplier to use, publish, disseminate the information.
The publication of content, commentary, feedback, feedback, evaluation by the User of the e-shop is subject to approval by the Provider.
Art. 8. Through the e-shop, the Users have the opportunity to conclude contracts for the purchase and sale of the goods offered in the e-shop.
Art. 9. (1) By accepting the General Terms and Conditions, the User and the Provider agree that all statements between them in connection with the conclusion and execution of a contract for the purchase and sale of goods offered in the e-shop may be made by electronic means and by electronic statements within the meaning of the Electronic Document and Electronic Signature Act and Art. 11 of the Electronic Commerce Act.
(2) If Users use the e-shop with registration and have entered their respective username and password, it is assumed that the electronic statements made by the Users were made by the persons mentioned in the data provided by the respective User upon making a registration in the Electronic shop.
Art. 10. (1) Users may browse the e-shop free of charge without registration.
(2) In order to use the e-shop with registration, the User must have registered and enter a username and password for remote access.
(3) The user name is retrieved from the registration email address and the password for the access to the e-shop is determined by the User via electronic registration in the e-shop. The fields that are required to be filled in upon registration are marked with an asterisk.
(4) When making a registration, the User is obliged to provide correct, complete and up-to-date data. The user shall promptly update the data specified in his / her registration in case of change.
(5) By filling out your registration details and clicking the “Register a site account” button, the User explicitly and unambiguously declares that he / she is familiar with these Terms and Conditions, agrees with their content and is obliged to abide by them.
(6) The User can register in the Online Store upon completion of the order from the Completion of the Order page by selecting the option “Register a site profile” and fill in a password specified by him / her.
(7) Upon successful completion of the registration, the User shall receive a notification message at the registration email address, which shall certify the registration and activation of the account.
Art. 11. The e-shop features the main features of the goods offered.
Art. 12. (1) The price of each item stated in the e-shop is the final price of the respective product, including all taxes and fees, and is valid only at the moment of its publication.
After signing in / logging in to your e-shop account, the User may see personalized prices if the Provider has staked for his account.
(2) The delivery price is not included in the price of the product.

V. Technical steps for signing a contract for purchase through the e-shop

Art. 13. (1) Users shall use the e-shop to conclude contracts for the purchase and sale of the goods offered in the e-shop.
(2) The contract shall be concluded in Bulgarian, English and German.
(3) A party to the contract with the Supplier shall be the User according to the data provided pregistration and contained in the user profile of the User.
(4) The e-shop shall include technical means of identifying and correcting errors in the input of information before making the contract for the purchase contract.
In the event that one of the required fields is not filled in, the e-shop does not allow the completion of the order and directs the User, which of the required fields should be filled in correctly.
(5) The contract for the purchase and sale of a good is considered to have been concluded from the moment of the confirmation of the User’s order by the Supplier.
(6) The user may place an order through:
– Contact with the Provider by phone, e-mail, inquiry form through the e-shop, quick order form through the product page.
– Order through the e-shop system.
(7) When ordering through the system, the User selects Product (s) through the “Buy” button on each product;
(8) After selecting the desired product (s), the User shall proceed to the Trolley page where he / she will have to review his / her choice and make corrections if necessary, then select the “Continue with Order” button;
(9) The User completes current and correct ordering, billing and delivery details on the page Completing the Order: Name, Surname, Email Address, Telephone, Country, Address, City, District, Postal Code.
– Users who are not users should fill in both their Name and ID.
– Users who have an internet shop profile should confirm the timeliness of the data that is paged in their account and they come out on order.
– The user pays a Promo Code to the designated fields in case they have one and wishes to use it and chooses the button Apply Promo Code. The user must be notified in advance of the terms and conditions of use of the promo code he owns.
– Payment method of the order:
Cash on delivery – The user pays the full amount due to a courier agent or representative of the supplier upon delivery of the ordered goods.
– The user sees the total amount and any additional charges he / she has to pay after completing and confirming the order.
– The User agrees to these Terms and Conditions by ticking the “I have read and agree to the Terms of Use” field;
– The user completes the order by selecting the Order button;
– If the Recipient does not fill in all the required fields correctly, the order can not be completed.
The recipient should correctly fill in the fields in question and again choose the Order button.
(10) The recipient is redirected to a page that certifies the correctly completed order.
(11) The recipient receives a notification by e-mail, on the e-mail address provided by the order during the order, for successful completion of the order. The notice shall contain the products it has selected and the amount payable by it for payment.
(12) For the confirmation of the order made and the contract for the purchase and sale of goods, the notification sent to the Beneficiary by e-mail address for the order / call made by the Provider on the telephone provided by the User shall be accepted.
(13) The recipient may receive additional email notifications when changing the order status in the e-shop system.
(14) The delivery of goods ordered by the User shall be effected within 10 working days, in the event that another is not described for the selected products, after confirmation of the order made by the Provider.
Art. 14. The Provider shall not be liable for outstanding orders if the User has provided / indicated incorrect, incomplete and / or inaccurate data, including delivery address.
Art. 15 The User agrees that the Provider is entitled to accept an advance payment for the contracts concluded with the User for the purchase and sale of goods and their delivery.

VI. Cancellation of a purchase contract

Art. 16. (1) The User shall have the right, without indemnity or penalty and without giving any reason, to give up the contract concluded through the E-shop within 14 days from the date of receipt of the goods by the User or by a third party indicated by the User.
(2) The user may exercise his / her right under para. 1 and through the standard withdrawal form pursuant to Annex 6 to Art. 47, para. 1 pt. 8 of the Consumer Protection Act, which can open https://www.kzp.bg/data/content/u/8/upload/Formulqr%20otkaz%20online.docx
Art. 17. (1) If the User has exercised his right of withdrawal under the preceding Article, the Supplier shall refund to the User all sums received by the User within not more than 14 days from the date on which he was notified refusal.
(2) The Provider shall not reimburse the additional costs of delivering the Goods if the User has explicitly chosen a way of delivering the goods other than the cheapest type of standard delivery offered by the Supplier.
(3) Gender the owner must send or hand over the goods in question to the Supplier within not more than 14 days from the date on which he informed the Supplier of his / her withdrawal from the purchase contract of the product in question, bearing the cost of returning the goods of the Provider.
Art. 18. In the event of non-fulfillment of the conditions for renunciation of the purchase contract and / or return of the goods ordered by the User, the Provider reserves the right to refuse acceptance of the returned goods and accordingly not to refund the amount paid by the User.

VII. Intellectual Property Rights

Art. 19. (1) All information posted to the e-shop, including but not limited to: texts, pictures, audio and video materials, is the intellectual property of the Provider or the latter is legally protected and as such protected by applicable law the protection of intellectual property, including but not limited to the protection of copyright and related rights.
(2) The supplier retains all the rights referred to in the preceding paragraph.
(3) The use of the information referred to in para. 1 of this article, including but not limited to: copying, modification, reproduction, without the consent and permission of the Supplier or the appropriate holder of the intellectual property rights, except in the cases expressly stated in the law, is prohibited and constitutes a violation of Supplier’s rights on intellectual property or on those of their respective media if it is different from the Provider.
Art. 20. The e-shop may contain names and brands of products, services or persons who represent or may represent trademarks owned by the Supplier or third parties. Access to the E-Shop as well as nothing in these Terms of Service or the rest of the Content of the E-Shop should be understood and / or interpreted as, and does not constitute, the grant of any license or right to use any such trademark, without the prior written consent of the Provider or third party owner of the intellectual property in question.

VIII. Other terms

Art. 21. The Supplier shall be subject to the following Alternative Consumer Disputes Authority: the Consumer Protection Commission and the Commission for the Protection of Competition.
Art. 22. (1) The information and materials available to the e-shop (including but not limited to articles, images, messages, etc.) are informative, general and abstract and do not represent, nor should they be accepted or interpreted such as advice, guidance and / or advice provided by the Provider to any of the Users of the e-shop.
(2) The Provider is not responsible for the correctness, reliability, veracity and / or timeliness of the information and materials available to and / or through the e-shop for any reason or for their applicability to a particular factual situation.
(3) The Provider shall not be liable for any material and / or non-material liability for the content of the Online Store nor shall it be liable for damages suffered by any User and / or any third party in connection with the use of the Online Store and / information and materials, including their application to a specific situation (for example: undertaking by the User of specific actions on the basis of information placed at the e-shop).
Art. 23. Any invalidity of any provision of the General Terms and Conditions will not invalidate the entire contract.
Art. 24. These General Terms and Conditions shall enter into force for all Beneficiaries as of 11 May 2017.
Art. 25. The terms and conditions may be modified by the Provider at any time, and any change in the Terms of Service shall take effect against the Users without the need for explicit notification to them.
Art. 26. By using (including, but not limited to: viewing, clicking on links, entering information, etc.) of the e-shop and the information therein, the User expresses his unconditional consent to the Terms and Conditions and any subsequent changes thereto, and that bound by them and will observe them.